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Manhattan Review, an international test prep firm founded in New York City in 1999, offers a full range of ACT services in Hong Kong. Local university applicants can reach their target ACT scores with our one-on-one ACT tutoring, on-site ACT prep courses, online ACT instruction, and ACT practice tests. Manhattan Review's ACT services feature comprehensive course materials, innovative instructional methodologies, and Hong Kong's most qualified ACT educators. Our students learn how to maximize their ACT performance with proven study techniques, original approaches to ACT content, time management skills, and optimal testing strategies. Our services are designed to accommodate any type of ACT learner. Students who require individual instruction will thrive with our customized private tutoring, which matches teaching methods to individual student characteristics such as academic strengths and weaknesses, preferred learning style, and desired scores. Test-takers who prefer group instruction can significantly boost their ACT skills and test-taking abilities with our ACT classroom instruction, available either at convenient Hong Kong locations or online. Contact Manhattan Review in Hong Kong today for more information on our ACT services, and we'll help you decide which ACT learning plan is the best fit for you.

Succeeding on the ACT is a specialized skill, the development of which requires focused and experienced instruction. The ACT assesses general academic abilities in science, math, reading, and writing, but these competencies are tested in ways that are unique to the ACT. Strong knowledge of ACT subject areas is not enough; students must also be able to demonstrate this knowledge within the framework and time constraints of each ACT section. In order to make progress in ACT performance, students must receive informed feedback and direction to their out-of-class efforts (self-study methods nearly always fail due to their lack of these essential learning tools, leaving students to blindly negotiate a complex series of learning obstacles). Manhattan Review's ACT teachers patiently guide students through the ACT learning process, building ACT skills step by step with targeted instruction and positive reinforcement that improves ACT scores and self-confidence. The academic and professional success of our thousands of past students is the final measure of our test prep services.

Manhattan Review clients have been accepted to the most selective universities in the world. They've pursued and completed undergraduate and graduate degrees at prestigious institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Columbia, the University of Chicago, UC Berkeley, the University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown, Northwestern, Duke, and many more. Acceptance to highly ranked universities nearly always requires high standardized test scores, but the future professional rewards of an elite university degree are more than worth the extra effort and expense involved in rigorous test preparation. Many former Manhattan Review students are now fully engaged in satisfying and well-compensated careers, at Fortune 500 companies such as Berkshire Hathaway, State Farm Insurance, United Technologies, Wells Fargo, and Archer Daniels Midland. Some of our past Hong Kong students have returned to their home city to accept jobs at CK Hutchison Holdings, Group Sense PDA, Emperor Entertainment Group, Bank of East Asia, Advanced Card Systems, and other important companies based in the area. Long-term thinking is the best strategy for a successful future. Start building a solid foundation for academic accomplishment with Manhattan Review's Hong Kong ACT prep services.

ACT Private Tutoring

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ACT Private Course

12 hours in total, Personalized 1-on-1 Course, In Person or Live Online

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Meet a Hong Kong ACT Tutor: Evan R.

Evan R. has been an ACT, SAT, and GRE tutor and classroom instructor for Manhattan Review in New York City and Hong Kong since 2008. He is a graduate of Columbia University (bachelor's degree in history) and Rutgers University (master's degree in education). He is currently on the faculty of an international secondary school in Hong Kong.

Evan describes his teaching philosophy as a combination of idealism and practicality. "Education transforms lives in almost every imaginable way," he says. "But I can't just assume that my students understand this fact. I have to demonstrate the value of my teaching every day, through concrete actions that produce visible results." Evan devotes most of his time to his teaching, but he tries to stay in touch with his family and friends in his native Camden, New Jersey.