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Manhattan Review is an international educational services company that has been providing high-quality services for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) since 1999. Our comprehensive, effective, and flexible TOEFL prep offerings include on-site prep courses, online classes, private tutoring, and practice tests. Manhattan Review is the industry's most experienced provider of TOEFL services Hong Kong and the international student community, and we teach prep courses and tutor in a number of major cities in Hong Kong, Asia, the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, Latin America, and Australia. Our clients have come to us from a wide variety of national origins and native languages, and we have helped tens of thousands of students improve their TOEFL scores and academic English, helping them attend Hong Kong's top universities as well as prestigious schools abroad.

Countless Manhattan Review students have met the TOEFL sectional and composite score requirements for undergraduate and graduate programs at the best universities in the English-speaking world. Our TOEFL clients have studied at and graduated from the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong's University of Science and Technology Business School, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, MIT, King's College, the University of Edinburgh, Caltech, Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins, McGill, the University of Toronto, Australian National University, the University of Melbourne, and many other world-class institutions. After finishing their degree programs, our past TOEFL students have accepted jobs at Fortune 500 companies in the United States, important businesses in cities around the world, government agencies, law firms, philanthropic organizations, and institutions for scientific research. They've become successful professionals in a diverse array of fields, from the liberal arts and sciences to politics and the legal profession, contributing greatly to the vibrancy of the Hong Kong community.

Manhattan Review's Hong Kong TOEFL instruction includes thorough coverage of all TOEFL sections (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). Our students learn how to build the English-language skills most relevant to success on the test and in college coursework. We use our own innovative methods of TOEFL teaching, which emphasize higher-order thinking skills and creative approaches to the development of TOEFL competencies. Manhattan Review's course materials have been written by career educators with many years of experience teaching and researching the TOEFL. In addition to mastering content, our students also learn valuable test-taking strategies, including how to most effectively manage testing time and how to make the most favorable guesses when necessary. Manhattan Review's Hong Kong students receive all of the instruction and support needed to reach their most optimistic TOEFL and English-language goals.

Best TOEFL Instructors in Hong Kong

Manhattan Review only hires the best available TOEFL educators in Hong Kong. Successful applicants for open teaching positions are characterized by strong academic credentials, significant amounts of teaching experience, high performance on standardized tests, dedication to teaching, and engaging styles of instruction. New hires are comprehensively trained in Manhattan Review's course syllabi, course materials, and methods of teaching TOEFL prep. Our Hong Kong classroom instructors, online teachers, and private tutors have proven records of producing favorable test score outcomes for many different types of learners at every level of English language ability. Our teachers are familiar with higher education in the English-speaking world, and they also understand the unique learning needs of students in their specific communities. Students in Hong Kong and throughout Asia preparing for the TOEFL cannot find a more reliable and effective group of instructors.

History of Manhattan Review

Manhattan Review was founded at Columbia University in New York City in 1999 by Joern Meissner, who was then a doctoral student and teaching assistant at Columbia Business School. Meissner's teaching style, which featured accessible explanations of complex ideas, was appealing to many students, who encouraged him to apply his teaching methods to preparation courses for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), the standardized entrance exam for graduate business school. Meissner's efforts in this area would become Manhattan Review's first GMAT prep courses, which included simplified approaches to GMAT content that were far superior to the GMAT instruction offered by traditional test prep companies.

Within a few years, Meissner would finish his doctorate at Columbia and embark on a successful academic career while building Manhattan Review into an international business with a thriving student population in Hong Kong. Our company now offers prep courses, private tutoring, and practice tests for the TOEFL, GRE, LSAT, SAT, SSAT, ISEE, ACT, and GMAT in Hong Kong and dozens of cities around the world. Manhattan Review has helped students in Asia, North American, European, Latin American, and African countries get accepted to their preferred undergraduate or graduate degree programs, and many of our former clients are now accomplished professionals working for organizations in Hong Kong and around the world.

About our Founder

Joern Meissner, an internationally renowned business school professor, completed a Diploma in Business Management at the University of Hamburg and a PhD in Management Science at Columbia Business School in New York City, one of the Ivy League Schools. After completing his doctoral degree, he chose the career path of an academic and has now more than 25 years experience as a postsecondary educator. Professor Meissner's passion for teaching is evident and has taught business courses at Lancaster University Management School, the University of Hamburg, the University of Mannheim, and the Leipzig Graduate School of Management. Meissner's research on supply chain management, dynamic pricing, and revenue management has been published in several respected academic journals. Professor Meissner thoroughly enjoys his research, but he believes that grasping an idea is only half of the fun. Conveying knowledge to others is even more fulfilling. This philosophy was crucial to the establishment of Manhattan Review, and remains its most cherished principle.

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Manhattan Review offers TOEFL Test Preparation Courses and Tutoring in Hong Kong. You can choose between TOEFL Test Prep in Hong Kong and TOEFL Test Prep Online.


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